Our Professional Service

Our Services

At Atlantis, we emphasize in working closely with our clients in establishing an outstanding image through our exclusive design expertise.

With our firm foundation in planning and execution of projects, you can be assured of un-compromised expertise for all residential, commercial and corporate projects.

Design Consultancy

We provide a host of expertise which includes space planning, the provision of detailed drawings and specifications pertaining to the interior space to the selection and coordination of materials.

Our emphasis will be on ensuring an efficient movement of air and light within spaces usually limited by infrastructural and environmental constraints.

Project Management

We undertake on-site supervision and coordination of work by contractors, architects, engineers and suppliers to ensure that the project is delivered on time and according to design specifications.

Design & Build

We assumes full responsibility and control from design concept to construction, additions and alterations work (A&A) to completion in all Design and Build Projects. With our extensive network of contractors, engineers, architects and suppliers, Atlantis is able to provide a fully integrated service to our clients.